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AudioInnovate Innofader Pro2

AudioInnovate Innofader Pro2

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AudioInnovate Innofader Pro2 Product Details


The Innofader Pro2 is AudioInnovate’s newest flagship Innofader. It's based on the Innofader Pro but the installation is greatly simplified. Adapter boards are clearly labeled to show you which one to use. In most cases you just plug one end into your mixer, plug the other end into your Innofader Pro2, and you're ready to go!

It gives you an ultra precise ± 0.05mm cut-in accuracy for even tighter control of your scratches. Separate left and right cut controls make it easy to adjust without the need to recalibrate. And for the perfectionist in you, it even has super precise presets which allow you to do things like shift the cut point by a mere 0.04mm, less than even the thickness of your hair.


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