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Rane DJ Seventy-Two MKII Battle Mixer

Rane DJ Seventy-Two MKII Battle Mixer

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Rane DJ Seventy-Two MKII Battle Mixer Product Details


The Rane DJ Seventy-Two MKII Battle Mixer is a premium 2-channel mixer with multi-touch screen for professional DJs and turntablists.

The RANE SEVENTY-TWO MKII is an advanced 2-channel mixer for performance and control that unleashes the full creative power of Serato DJ Pro software. The RANE SEVENTY-TWO MKII redefines performance scope and possibilities for professional club and scratch DJs, and is designed to unleash the power of performance: a full-color touchscreen provides instant feedback of all key performance functions; stackable Serato and Flex effects; MAG FOUR faders; externally & internally adjustable crossfader voltage; individual parameter control for instant doubles, cue muting and sync; dual DVS inputs; plus the ultimate in expressive playback control thanks to 16 multifunctional trigger pads. Your performance demands perfection - revolutionize your setup with RANE's latest battle tools and take your performance one step further.

Victorious heritage

The first SEVENTY-TWO has been a part of countless high-profile gigs and has led DJs to victory in highly competitive performances time and time again - whether it's DMC, Red Bull 3Style & The Goldies, the SEVENTY-TWO has been in the mix. With its rugged build quality and unmatched integration with Serato DJ Pro, it's no wonder the SEVENTY-TWO mixer has been chosen by champions time and time again.


In addition to the ultra-intuitive layout suitable for any performance scenario and an externally adjustable crossfader voltage, the SEVENTY-TWO MKII includes three ultra-light MAG FOUR faders. This new design is the lightest yet and features high quality, patented technology, along with externally adjustable crossfader voltage.

Totally Rugged

With its heavy-duty, all-steel and aluminum chassis, the SEVENTY-TWO MKII performance and battle mixer meets the highest operating and performance expectations of today's DJs. Developed in collaboration with leading turntablists around the world, and built on the technological foundation laid by world-renowned Seattle-based RANE, the SEVENTY-TWO MKII delivers a redefinition of what's possible when true DJ artistry meets groundbreaking technology.

Visualize your mix

The SEVENTY-TWO MKII's full-color, 4.3-inch touchscreen interface conveys moving waveforms to Serato DJs, allowing for navigation, track selection and extensive customization of preferred performance settings. It also offers full effects control and sonic manipulation thanks to dual Flex FX engines that can be combined with Serato DJ Pro's extensive effects banks.

Ready for anything

Dual USB connections allow two DJs to perform at the same time for effortless deliveries. Cuts, flares, chirps, crabs, orbits and transformations - turntablists perform everything effortlessly with the new tactile and precise MAG FOUR faders, then switch between creative control functions via the 16 MPC-style pads with RGB backlighting and multi-performance mode selection. Also included with the SEVENTY-TWO MKII is Serato's expressive Pitch 'n Time DJ extension, allowing DJs to incorporate creative 'pitch play' techniques into their mix.

The new Firmware v1.5 has added the ability to install Mag Four faders. In addition, the FW Updater is now compatible with macOS Catalina.


Firmware v1.5: