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Roland TD-27KV KIT E-Drum Set

Roland TD-27KV KIT E-Drum Set

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Roland TD-27KV KIT E-Drum Set Product Details


The TD-27KV is mid-range, delivering immersive sound and response that only V-Drums can deliver. At its heart is the powerful new TD-27 sound engine, packed with high-quality, fully customizable drum and cymbal sounds. Thanks to modern trigger technology, every playable nuance is recognized and transmitted in high resolution. In addition, the large drum and cymbal pads offer an exceptional playing feel and a room-filling acoustic look.

Many e-drum kits offer a playing experience that is clearly different from an acoustic drum kit. This is mainly due to the small pads and the low height of the kit. The TD-27KV breaks with this "tradition" and convinces with large pads and cymbals as well as a roomy kit that makes every drummer feel right at home. The 14'' x 4.3'' stainless steel snare and 10'' toms feature the legendary multi-layer Roland Mesh Heads and offer an unparalleled response including adjustable head tension for a natural rebound. The 12'' hi-hat cymbals are mounted on a conventional acoustic hi-hat stand, while the 18'' ride cymbal and the 12'' and 13'' crash cymbals are mounted on sturdy boom arms for a great embroidery feel with authentic vibration characteristics.

The groundbreaking digital pad technology makes the V-Drums experience even more realistic. The digital snare and ride pads are connected to the TD-27 module via USB and work in tandem with the sound engine to give you an unparalleled natural expression to reflect your drum skills in every detail. With numerous sensors and extremely fast signal processing, the snare and cymbals offer an exceptional response. This way you can play any playing technique with maximum naturalness. Whether ghost notes, rim shots or cross stick on the snare - even the smallest hits are precisely detected and transmitted. The ride cymbal also offers a wide tonal bandwidth and can be dampened with just one finger touch on the profile.

The TD-27 sound module is based on the flagship TD-50 and offers a variety of drum sounds that live and breathe like their acoustic counterparts. Starting point are samples of the best drums, percussions and cymbals - vintage and modern - recorded in the best studios in the world. We then use the unique Roland Prismatic Sound Modeling technology to bring the samples to life using Behavior Modeling. This way, with every drum or cymbal beat you don't just trigger a sound out of the can, but play a full-featured instrument that behaves like its acoustic counterpart at all times, offering an unparalleled sonic range.

The integrated Bluetooth function lets you transfer songs and tracks wirelessly from your smartphone or laptop to the sound module - perfect for jamming over headphones. Play along with your favorite songs or mix the sound track from a YouTube lesson with the sound of your kit. Built-in coaching features let you develop your skills and record your progress, while the metronome helps train your sense of rhythm. Plus, you can record your game at any time and see where you still need to work on it as you listen.


Set contents:

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