Audio Interfaces

Audio Interfaces and Audio Converter

Soundcards and audio converters are hardware interfaces that establish a connection between computers and the recording studio environment. Their main task is to process analogue and digital audio signals. In comparison to audio converters, soundcards are also able to edit, mix, synthesize and render audio signals.

There are numerous possibilities to integrate soundcards and audio converters into a studio environment. Whereas a few years ago these devices were generally connected via parallel port or PCI BUS, nowadays USB, Firewire and Thunderbolt established themselves as viable alternatives. Modern soundcards by now are often external devices with separate connectors, integrated preamps and converters. Soundcards have separate processors as well and therefore save processing power of studio equipment to guarantee a stable performance.

Depending on model and price soundcards have specific features available: Starting from stereo out/input pairs up to 60 available audio channels, high-end mic preamps, ADAT interfaces, S/PDIF connectors, MIDI connectors and headphone jacks.

In contrast to soundcards, audio converters focus on high resolution conversion of analogue signals into digital signals and vice versa. For this purpose high end parts are built in to ensure a resolution of 192 kHz.

We from Musikhaus Korn will gladly help you in finding the right piece of equipment.

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