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Warranty Policy

A three-year warranty at our house

Relaxed shopping guaranteed!

Customer satisfaction ranks first at our house and to guarantee you a long pleasure with your purchase we offer a three-year warranty. We are convinced that our offered goods come up to the highest quality claims. That is why we extend the producer guaranty in addition to the legal conditions – without any further costs for our customers.

Why are we offering an extended warranty?

Easily to say: Because we are convinced of our products and we share the passion for music with our customers. Therefore we want to enable a long-term experience with Musikhaus Korn goods. Within the meaning of our customers we always mind the highest quality of the products and services. Our offered atricles are exclusively branded goods of established manufacturers with high quality standards and first class producing. This faith we gladly hand on to our customers, so you are able to profit by the tree-year warranty.

Which products are excluded from the extended warranty?

Excluded from our three-year warranty are products that are defeated by use-conditioned and other natural wear. To this “wear parts” we count amongst other things guitar strings, drum sticks, batteries, cross fader or other lamps. Damages through improper use or wanton destruction are excluded from the extended warranty as well as devices in a non-original status. The legally required breach of warranty of course remains unaffected. The exact explanations you can find in our General terms and conditions. If you have questions just call +49 (0)3435 9880-50 or write us an E-Mail.

Warranty conditions

In addition to the legal breach of warranty we afford you a warranty for all products that were bought at Musikhaus Korn with the provision of the following clauses.

The legal rights of the customer (§ 434-453 German Civil Code) are not restricted through the three-year warranty.

(1) The warranty time amounts three years from the date of purchase. The warranty is valid for the area of the European Union and Switzerland.

(2) During the warranty time devices that are damaged because of material or producing defects can be repaired or replaced at our opinion. Replaced devices or single parts become our property. Whether the warranty services affect no extension of the warranty time nor do they start up a new warranty.

(3) Warranty claims have to be announced immediately after recognising the defect within the warranty time.

(4) For the enforcement of the warranty the following steps are necessary:

Please contact the customer service in advance via E-mail, Telefax or Phone. Subsequently you can send the damaged device along with the original proof of purchase or a similar proof to the mentioned service address. If the damage is part of our warranty service you will get a repaired or new device back.

We pay the return costs to you.

The warranty demand has to be claimed opposites to:

Owner: Denis Korn
Thomas-Müntzer-Straße 4
04758 Oschatz

(5) Warranty demands are invalid in case of:

  • B-stock and C-stock goods
  • Improper and incorrect use
  • Damages through environmental influences (wetness, heat, overvoltage, dust, etc.)
  • Non-observing the safety precautions for the device
  • Inobservance of the instruction manual
  • Assault (e.g. beat, kick, drop)
  • Intervention of service address that was not authorised by us
  • Repairing on one’s own authority
  • Transmittal in a package that is not secured for the transportation
  • Products that are defeated by use-conditioned and other natural wear (guitar strings, lamps, fader, sticks, batteries, etc.)

(6) Damages and defects can be removed against reimbursement of costs. For an individual offer please contact our customer service.

The shipping costs will also be charged by you.