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DJ Equipment

It doesn’t matter if there is music required for a festival, a club, a birthday or a family party – DJs are entertainers and provide a good time for everyone. The term “Disk Jockey” goes back to early radio moderators who were presenting music by playing records. Since the invention of the LP in 1948 records increasingly became a creative medium.

Ever since the Disco era of the 70ies and the Hip-Hop era of the 80ies the DJ was more than just a record changer – he became an entertainer. Talented DJs created something new by merging the music of two records playing simultaneously – the third record was born.

Basically DJs require the following equipment: two players (e.g. turntables or CD players or controllers), a DJ mixer in order to arrange different racks seamlessly and headphones for pre-fader listening. Turntables that are suitable for DJing are provided with synchronized drives, pitch controls and special tone arms with phonograph cartridges.

It doesn’t always have to be records; CDs, Tapes and Mp3s are also widely used by DJs. There are specific CD players whose features are especially tailored to the needs of a turntablist. Laptop DJs on the other hand need a DJ software and an appropriate DJ controller.

No matter what system you chose, Musikhaus Korn offers everything you need and our friendly staff will gladly consult you.


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