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Recording and Studio

Recording is a central aspect of every music production. Be it in a professional studio or at home - equipment, a proper sequencer software and a fair share of know-how is needed. There are solutions for beginners as well, that don’t require funding a complete studio or graduating as Sound Engineer.

The centre of every studio is a mixer console, respectively a PC or Mac. All signals that are recorded with microphones or directly via cable are merged here. In order to achieve a high quality recording it is essential to use capable converters. The product range of audio interfaces, soundcards and A-D converters is huge and there are solutions for every budget. When recorded, the signals can be edited and modified with digital signal processors and effects to match them with the desired style or preference.

In order to maintain control over the mix, studio monitors are needed. These particular speakers provide a brilliant frequency spectrum with a high solution and guarantee a fatigue-proof workflow. Finally the room acoustics can be optimized and therefore the capability of the studio environment is increased.

The technological progress nowadays allows for high quality mobile recording solutions and multitrack recorders even for small budgets. In addition, tools like samplers, synthesizers or MIDI-Keyboards have become an integral part of studio environments, be it for professional or home usage. Today, software sequencers like Cubase, Logic or Ableton Live take over the role of analogue equipment and are available in several price categories. The decision for a certain concept is a matter of personal taste and capability.

We from Musikhaus Korn will gladly help you finding a solution tailored to your needs.


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