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Multitrack recorders are mainly used for the recording of music. They are provided with an internal storage medium or can be operated with an external one and therefore are to be utilized without an additional computer or audio interface. The origin of today’s multitrack recorders can be traced back to the functional principle of tape machines that were capable of recording single tracks or multiple tracks simultaneously. Thus every single track can afterwards be edited separately.

Modern devices are capable of recording audio material digitally in high quality resolution. They are equipped with individual effect sections that allow editing of tracks and mixes. Even final mixes can be created and processed with the help of equalizers, compressors, gates and many more.

Mobile multitrack recorders are compact devices that can be utilized flexibly. It is possible to record dialogue, thoughts, music, texts or even environmental noises. There are mobile recorders that are simply smaller versions of multitrack recorders and there are even smaller mobile recorders with a built on microphone that are extremely convenient to be used on the go. Thanks to multitrack recorders the creation and storage of music has never been easier, be it in a rehearsal room, on stage, or on the road.

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