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Effects and Processors

Effects and processors are audio hardware (also called outboard equipment) that is used for the creation and modulation of sound and music. Especially sound processors like equalizers, compressors, limiters, multi-effects and vocal effect devices are among this group.

Compressors and Limiters are used for reducing the dynamic range of the raw material. Equalizers allow precise boosting or lowering of single frequencies within the audio material. Vocal effects are made for editing voice tracks or can be be used live on stage. Multi-effects enrich your sound with chorus, flanger, hall, delay and filter effects.

Outboard equipment is often stored in studio racks. That is why most devices feature a standard length of 19". Thanks to numerous controls and buttons audio hardware can be handled fast and easy.

You are not sure which audio hardware is geared to your needs? Simply ask our friendly and competent associates at Musikhaus Korn. We will gladly provide advice and service for you!


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