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Musical Instruments

What would the world be without music? Since ancient times people express their selves through music. At first only with their own“built in” instrument – their voice – in the further course of history they began using simple musical instruments.

Today we have an almost unimaginable range of different instruments. Some of them are quite similar to their ancient predecessors – like the drums of a drum set or a great number of percussion instruments. Others have been around for hundreds of years and haven’t been changed significantly – like bowed string instruments, wind instruments or classical guitars. Modern e-guitars and basses are an accomplishment of the 20th century and they strongly influenced the evolution of music since then. The latest results of the contemporary technological development are electronic tone generators like synthesizers, keyboards or digital pianos.

Whatever the development of musical instruments leads up to, we from Musikhaus Korn will make sure to make it available for you.


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