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Keyboard instruments are one of the most widely disseminated musical instruments and they have a long and rich tradition.

Their sound is generated by keys, that in case of the piano are trigger padded hammers that strike the strings inside the instrument. The sound of organs and accordions on the other hand is generated through air that is pumped into pipes, respectively sets free reeds in motion.

Keyboard instruments whose sound isn’t generated mechanically are ranked among electronic keyboards. For example the digital piano has various sounds of acoustic pianos stored on a chip that the player can choose from. Hence their playability and sounds do not vary significantly from those of their paragons. Keyboards work like that as well, only the fact that they have far more sounds at their disposal. There are keyboards available for professional entertainers or home users.

MIDI keyboards are “silent” instruments that don’t generate sounds by themselves but convert inserted information – in other words: pressed keys - into MIDI data. This data can be routed to any MIDI compatible instrument (e.g. keyless rack synthesizer) in order to control it. Synthesizers in general are keyboard instruments that convert electronic oscillations into sound. Whereas early synthesizers utilized analogue components to accomplish this, digital simulation established itself among modern synthesizers.

Stage pianos are particular instruments that are especially designed to meet the needs of live musicians. They have a wide array of sounds at their disposal and are truly road proof.

Musikhaus Korn offers a broad variety of keyboard instruments and our team will gladly provide advice and service for you.

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