Stands for Musical Instruments

For setting up certain instruments and equipment or to store them properly, stands and holders are the first choice. There are different models with individual fields of application and specifications.

For keyboard instruments there are diverse set up possibilities available. One of the best known stands is the x-style keyboard stand, which is foldable and lightweight. Other designs that have been proven effective are table design foldable stands and spider stands. The latter are especially suitable when multiple instruments have to be set up.

The various instruments of a drum set require specific stands and holders. These range from entry-level to heavy-duty professional level versions. Furthermore additional arms for cymbals or holders for percussion instruments are available and offer a variety of possibilities to individualize one’s set up.

Leaning instruments like guitars and basses against a wall or an amplifier is a common habit, but it can lead to severe damage in case the instruments fall over. Stands should always be used whether at home or on stage. For storing multiple instruments in a space-saving way, multi stands have established themselves. Wall hangers can be used at home or in a rehearsal room and they can help to improve the appearance of a room as a nice side effect.

Stands for wind instruments are highly proficient for storing instruments in between playing or when switching to another instrument.

For bowed string instruments there are stands available too and they are especially designed for the size of specific instruments. Stands for violins or violas can often be used for smaller instruments like the ukulele as well.


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