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The electric guitar is one of the most popular modern instruments in the world. For so many music enthusiasts the guitar was the instrument that evoked the passion to make music themselves.

The sound of an e-guitar is generated by string vibrations that get transduced by pickups. The signal then is processed and emitted by amplifiers. Countless combinations of tone woods, pickups and types of design offer a huge range of sound characteristics and styles. Diverse amplifiers and effects extend the possibilities even more.

The electric guitar was born in the 1920ies. Modern music styles like country, jazz or blues faced the problem that a guitar couldn’t prevail against other instruments volume-wise. Various experiments like that of the resonator guitar showed that the only possible way to achieve higher volume levels is electric amplification. A few developers worked relentlessly to refine the invention of electromagnetic pickups. So did George Beauchamp and Adolph Rickenbacker and finally they developed the basic principle of modern pickups.

The types of designs of e-guitars are as diverse as their developmental stages throughout history. In accordance with famous guitar models there are designs like LP-style, ST-style, T-style, SG-style, Heavy-style, baritone, hollow body, or semi-hollow body that are produced by different manufacturers all over the world. Especially Fender and Gibson decisively shaped the development of the modern guitar. They invented timeless classics like the Les Paul, Stratocaster or Telecaster.

A common guitar is provided with six strings and tuned in the standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-e. But there are versions with seven, eight, or even twelve strings available. Lefthanders nowadays will find a broad range of guitars to choose from, too.

At Musikhaus Korn we offer a huge selection of all kinds of e-guitars and they can be played and tested thoroughly in any of our stores. Whether one particular model is available in a store near you is pointed out in the product information.

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