Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

Speakers and monitors are among the most important pieces of equipment of a studio environment. Monitors allow for an accurate and analytic listening to mixes and songs. As opposed to Hi-Fi speakers sound colourations are not wanted, therefore the frequency response of studio monitors should be as linear and neutral as possible.

Basically one distinguishes between active monitors and passive monitors. Active monitors have a built in amplifier that is optimized to sound as neutral as possible with the help of an active audio crossover. Passive monitors need to be driven by specific external power amplifiers. Near-field monitors are special kinds of monitors that can be placed right next to computer screens and therefore have to be protected internally against electromagnetic interference. In addition to the abovementioned there are midfield monitors and main monitors.

In big recording studios optimized monitoring systems are used that are able to produce significantly more sound pressure than usual monitors. In order to depict bass frequencies precisely subwoofers can be integrated. If necessary the room acoustics can be adjusted by installing absorbers or diffusors.

With monitor controllers it is possible to select a signal source and assign it to a particular monitor. So even in a complex studio environment all signals can be controlled easily.

For any questions regarding studio equipment don’t hesitate to contact us, we will gladly advice you on your specific application.

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