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Microphones are used to pick up the sound of instruments, voices or noises. They are sound transducers that that convert sound in air into an electrical signal. Depending on the area of application microphones with particular characteristics are used.

Basically one can distinguish between dynamic microphones and condenser microphones. Dynamic microphones work according to the principle of electromagnetic induction and can be used without individual power supply (except for wireless microphones). Their main field of application is live on stage. Particular kinds of microphones are used to mike voices or instruments. Classical representatives like the SM57 or SM58 are known to any sound engineer.

Condenser microphones work according to the principle of capacitance change where the transducing is dependent on the deflection of the diaphragm, as opposed to dynamic microphones where the speed of the diaphragm movement is pivotal. Condenser microphones have to be operated with phantom power (preamp) because they need individual power supply. They are mainly used in studios and other recording situations. For different fields of applications various types of design and characteristics are available. Condenser microphones are more susceptible than dynamic types and therefore also capture more secondary noises. Their big advantage is the natural and brilliant conduction they provide. Nowadays there are several condenser microphones that are specifically designed for live applications and especially for very dynamic singing voices these can be beneficial.

A good sound demands a good microphone and we will gladly help you in finding the right one.


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