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DJ Mixers

An integral part of a DJ setup is the DJ mixer. At this point of intersection players (turntable, cd or media player), the monitoring system and the PA system come together. The requirements for a DJ mixer differ depending on its field of application. Starting with two channel mixers that are ideal for turntablism, to club DJ mixers which are extensively equipped, to 19 inch mixers that often are installed permanently. Audio signals can be processed analogously or digitally and there are DJ mixers for each principle.

In its basic configuration a DJ mixer is equipped with at least two channel faders (less common: rotary controls) and a crossfader to mix the signals of the aforementioned channels. Most DJ mixers are provided with a 3-band equalizer and features that are often included are effects or filters. Some modern devices also have an integrated audio interface or means to control MIDI.

Every DJ has different requirements for a DJ mixer. Before purchasing one should consider what is necessary and what not. Some typical demands for additional features are for instance multiple microphone inputs, adjustable faders, a “total kill” equalizer feature, a bipolar filter for every channel, or a controllable send/return loop for external effects. Very important are high quality headphones in order to have a clear pre-fader listening.


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