Return & Complaints

Return and complaints – easy and safe

You want to return ordered products or file a complaint? On this page you will find all important information regarding returns processing. Information about legal contexts you can find at withdrawal instructions and general terms and conditions.

1. Complaint process (not withdrawal)

Step 1: Contacting

For easy complaint processing please contact us, preferably via e-mail, and specify the relevant bill number and your customer number. A detailed description of the problem supports fast processing.

Step 2: Free stamp

After the receipt of your complaint we will send you a free stamp for your return package as PDF attached to an e-mail. This “freeway stamp” can be used for a free return of the product. If you do not own a printer, we can send the stamp by post. A “freeway stamp” is usable up to a weight of 31,5kg. If your package weighs more than 31,5kg we can arrange a return by a dispatch department if requested. Please ask in advance about extra costs that may be levied.

If you prefer a DHL pick-up service (up to 31,5kg), request it with your “freeway stamp” using the following link: ( This kind of pick-up service will be charged extra.

Please do not send any packages that are not paid for (without “freeway stamp” or enough franking)! In case of no prepayment we have to charge the difference between the non-prepaid amount (currently 15,00€) and the necessary amount for the return..

Step 3: Shipping

For returning a product please pack it the way you received it. If you lost the original packing, please pay attention to avoid transport damages. Please add a copy of the bill and if possible, a detailed damage description.

Put the “freeway stamp” on the front side of your package and bring it to the post office. Please keep a copy of the shipment bill for your “freeway stamp” that can be ordered in the post office. The return of the package is free if you use the “freeway stamp”. With the tracking code of your “freeway stamp” you can track the way of your package online at As soon as we receive your package you will get a confirmation of receipt via e-mail.

2. Withdrawal process (not complaint)

If you want to repeal an ordered product, please use the withdrawal sample you can find at withdrawal instructions. Please frank the package sufficiently and return it to us. For returning a product please pack it the way it was. If you lost the original packing, please pay attention to avoid transport damages. .

Repayment in case of withdrawal

After checking the returned product we will repay your money using the same payment method you chose for the purchase. In case of PayPal or Amazon payment we will use these platforms to transfer the money back. In case of CoD payment or prepayment, please send us your banking information in advance or add it to your return package.

Tips for the withdrawal time limit

The withdrawal time limit is intended to be used for checking and testing your purchased products. To give you an adequate testing period we allow the repeal of an order for up to one month, instead of the usual 14 days. Every action that exceeds regular usage can impair the status of the product. In case of a reduction of the products quality and therefore its value we reserve the right to claim for compensation.

Some tips about the right usage during the withdrawal period:

  • Store the complete original package and use it in case of return. If necessary, protect the product inside against transport damages
  • Avoid dirt and scratches.
  • Customised products, unsealed data carriers (software, DVDs, etc.) and others are excluded from withdrawal (as stated in the withdrawal instructions).