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At Musikhaus Korn the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

We offer excellent service that helps making your ordered products and your joy as long lasting as possible.

Protection covers: optimal protection for your devices

Musical equipment and instruments sometimes have to endure tough situations. We offer to create individual protective covers for your equipment to protect it against weather conditions, dust and jogs. You can choose between different materials, cushioning and colours. The covers are made by an experienced saddler-master who will pay attention to your specific wishes. Just tell us the product concerned or rather its measures and the individual protective cover will be manufactured for you.

Case building: high-quality protection for your devices

For Equipment that is heavily used on a regular basis, sturdy protection is needed to withstand the frequent installation, dismounting and transportation. Our case building workshop offers customized solutions that will meet your specific requirements. Just tell us the product concerned or rather its measures. We build exceptional cases for your equipment - “Made in Germany”.

Rack assembly: Intelligent logistics for small spaces

The assembly of rack system requires an ergonomically and economically optimized use of the given space. We offer professional assembly of rack systems according to your wishes. Side-racks can be equipped with the desired outboard equipment; we configure patchbays and extra pins, power supplies and light connections can be built in as well. Amp-racks and light-racks will be assembled according to your requirements and the latter can be configured with port panels and dimmer packs. To create an individual rack combination we only need the name/number of the product concerned or rather its measures.

Quality assurance: Our in-house service workshop

You need service for your equipment? Maybe some repairs are necessary? In this case we recommend our in-house service workshop. They handle warranty cases and carry out repairs quickly and uncomplicatedly. For an easy contact fill in the: spare parts request and/or repair request.

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