Light and Show

Today illumination and decorative elements are integral parts of a successful live event. We offer the full range of modern stage and lighting equipment.

At Musikhaus Korn you will find everything from PAR lights, follow spots, stroboscopes, blinders to Fresnel Lens Spots and profilers, including economical LED versions of the above mentioned. In the department of moving lights we offer moving heads, scanners or spectacular lasers. Regarding video equipment we have video mixers, beamers and projection screens available.

Other important components of light and show-equipment are controller units, respectively controller software. You will find consoles, dimmers, switchpacks and fibre optics in this section as well. Furthermore there is equipment for stage/set building, accessories like spare lamps as well as decorative elements like mirror balls and UV light. Fog machines and pyrotechnics create a dramatic atmosphere and are available with various functionalities.

Whether you are a professional or you just want to upgrade your party room, we offer solutions for any budget. Make your show unique with the help of Musikhaus Korn.


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