Rental - sub-distribution 32A - pcs./day -

Vermietung - Unterverteilung 32A - Stk./Tag -

EUR 20.00

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Location 04758 Oschatz (Sachsen)


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Rental - sub-distribution 32A - pcs./day - Product Details


The practical 32 A power distributor is particularly suitable for setting up large power distributions.

Technical data:

  • 32 A three-phase current input via connecting cable and plug
  • 32 A three-phase current output fused with residual current circuit breaker (RCD) at the rear of the device via a socket outlet for an add-on device
  • The entire distributor is protected by a 30 mA residual current circuit breaker (RCD).
  • 2 CEE device sockets 16 A on the front side, fused via 3 x 16 A fuse blocks
  • 6 socket outlets with earthing contact on the rear of the device (2 per phase)
  • Each pair of sockets is protected by its own 16 A automatic fuse.
  • Max. Total power: 22080 W
  • Max. Total power/phase: 7360 W
  • fuses: 2 x 16A 3 Ph, 3 x 16A 1 Ph, FI/RCD 40A/0.03A
  • Power connection: Fixed CEE 32A 5-pin (M)
  • Current output: 1 x CEE 32A 5-pin (w) built-in version bypass, 6 x protective contact (W), hinged cover built-in version fused, 2 x CEE 16A 5-pin (w) built-in version fused
  • Price for pick-up in 04758 Oschatz (Saxony)

additional rentable equipment:

  • Staff for the moderation of your event
  • Sound technology for your event
  • Lighting technology for your event
  • and much more

additional costs:

  • plus transport costs (individual calculation according to expenditure)
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