Vermietung - Spiegelkugel 40cm +Motor - Stk./Tag -

Vermietung - Spiegelkugel 40cm +Motor - Stk./Tag -

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Vermietung - Spiegelkugel 40cm +Motor - Stk./Tag - Product Details


Price for collection in Oschatz

The mirror ball in silver has a diameter of 40 cm. It is equipped with a motor and a chain to hang it up. The maximum load capacity is 4 kg. The ball has 1.6 revolutions per minute.


  • mirror ball diameter: 40 cm
  • Mirror ball motor
  • Chain for mirror ball
  • Ready for connection with mains cable and safety plug
  • Mirror ball motor Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~
  • Total connected load: 4 W
  • Max. load capacity: 4 kg
  • Max. Mirror ball diameter: 40 cm (EUROLITE)
  • mirror ball speed: 1,6 rpm
  • Base plate diameter: 120 mm
  • height motor: 85 mm
  • weight motor: 0,4 kg
  • Mirror ball diameter: 40 cm
  • Weight mirror ball: approx. 3.5 kg

additionally rentable equipment:

  • Personnel for the technical support of your event
  • Sound engineering for your event
  • Lighting technology for your event
  • and much more besides

additional costs:

  • plus transport costs (individual calculation according to expenditure)
  • plus personnel costs for erecting and dismantling the stage
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