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Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Ltd. Edition Analog Synthesizer

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Arturia MatrixBrute Noir Ltd. Edition Analog Synthesizer Product Details

The Arturia MatrixBrute Noir is a mono/paraphonic analog synthesizer with outstanding and versatile features. The French manufacturer incorporates in the MatrixBrute Noir all its experience and the technical features of previous models. For example, the MatrixBrute Noir gets the famous Brute Factor as well as oscillators and filters from MiniBrute and the mini synthesizer MicroBrute in duplicate. The striking and also name-giving detail of MatrixBrute Noir is the extensive 16x16 modulation matrix, where also a flexible 64-step sequencer is located. Two complex oscillators plus flexible VCO/LFO allow classic synthesizer sounds and far-reaching audio modulations. This makes it possible to create even the most special synthesizer sounds. A wide variety of synthesis approaches are possible here via the 16x16 modulation matrix. Cross-modulation of the oscillators, FM sounds, filter FM. For sound experiments, the MatrixBrute is an inexhaustible source of the wackiest synthesizer sounds and almost as flexible as a modular synthesizer.

The stylistic device that already made the MiniBrute famous is also found in the MatrixBrute Noir with the Brutefactor in double version. If you increase the value of the brute factor, the filter produces a sharper sound until it sounds completely distorted in the maximum range and gets a chaotic sound behavior. The Marixbrute combines two filter concepts for maximum sound flexibility: the Steiner-Parker filter and the classic Moog "ladder" filter. Both filters are analog and can be connected in series or parallel. Lowpass, highpass, bandpass and with filter 1 also notch, are available for individual adjustment. The third oscillator of the Arturia Matrixbrute is intended as a flexible modulation source, hence the name VCO/LFO. The Audio Modulations section is correspondingly elaborate, controlling the modulations between the oscillators in four levels. Then there are once again 2 LFO sections with different waveforms as well as 3 envelope generators with classic ADSR construction.


  • Manufacturer: Arturia
  • Design / Number of keys: 49
  • Velocity: Yes
  • Velocity curve adjustable: Yes
  • Aftertouch: Yes
  • Tone generation: Analog
  • Polyphony: 1
  • 256 memory locations
  • 2 analog exponential brute VCOs: Sawtooth + UltraSaw, Square + Pulse Width, Triangle + Metalizer, Sub
  • 1 analog linear VCO/LFO
  • Noise generator: white, pink, red and blue noise
  • Steiner-Parker filter with 12+24dB per octave; drive; brute factor; low pass, high pass, band pass, notch filter
  • Ladder filter with 12/24dB; drive; brute factor; low pass, high pass, band pass
  • 2 LFOs, 3 envelope generators
  • Matrix with 16x16 modulation rows
  • 64 step sequencers
  • Analog effects section: stereo delay, delay, flanger, chorus, analog reverb
  • Arpeggiator
  • 12 CV / Gate inputs and outputs
  • Arpeggiator: Yes
  • integrated effect processor: Yes
  • Number of faders: 15
  • Number of knobs: 68
  • Number of buttons: 322
  • Pitchbend, Modwheel: Pitchbend and Modwheel
  • Display: Yes
  • Recording option: MIDI step sequencer
  • Midi interface: Yes
  • USB MIDI interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • Headphone jack: Yes
  • CC Pedal Connector: Yes
  • Volume Pedal Connector: Yes
  • Sustain Pedal Connector: Yes
  • Power Supply: Internal power supply
  • Width (cm): 86
  • Height (cm): 10.7
  • Depth (cm): 43.2
  • weight (kg): 20


  • Color: Black
  • MIDI Inputs: 1 Port
  • MIDI Outputs: 1 Port
  • Line Outputs: 2
  • Number of Keys: 49
  • Sound Generation: Analogue
  • Type: Synthesizer
  • Theme: Keyboard Instruments

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