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SHURE at Musikhaus Korn

Musikhaus Korn is retailer for Shure and leads all articles of this manufacturer at top prices. We assure all products a three-years warranty, unless Shure offers you a longer solution.

New products by Shure

We extend our assortment of goods constantly. At the moment we lead 192 articles of Shure, of which 51 are available immediately. As specialist retailer for products of Shure we can help you with all questions on the articles.

Latest customer reviews on products from Shure

Marco has rated Shure SE215 on the 21/03/2022 with
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Jacob has rated Shure SE215 on the 29/12/2021 with
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Veit has rated Shure Mic Bag BK 33 cm x 11 cm on the 13/11/2021 with
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Mario has rated Shure Beta 91A on the 29/08/2021 with
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Falk has rated Shure SM 7 B Studiomikro B-Ware on the 31/07/2021 with
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